Basement Renovation

When your basement is limited to storing discarded furniture, you only neglect the potential of your home. With Dempster Quality Construction Inc that offers basement renovations in Toronto, transforming one of the most neglected areas of the house becomes easy and effective. In fact, we have turned many basements into valuable living spaces with state-of-the-art renovation ideas. With our team we help our clients explore an array of possibilities to make your basement more valuable. Our ideas and models of basement renovations have satisfied our clients and suit their requirements in every respect. For basements, we begin exploring the issues of moisture accumulation, lack of ventilation and then move on to the basics of renovation.

We are proud to have a team of experts that meet the members of the family and explain how the conversion of a basement to a living space can fit their requirements. Whether you need additional space for your children or more room host parties in the basement, you need to talk to our team and state your requirements to turn your basement into an attractive living space. For basement renovations, our team checks the legal requirements of the area for safety aspects. Our services are affordable but we do not compromise on the quality of work. Our team of basement renovation contractors set budgets according to the needs of the clients.

Customer satisfaction is the key to success and we understand that each customer has a unique requirement before we undertake the assignments. You may have your own ideas of remodeling but when you share them with us, we can help them convert into realistic solutions that serve your needs in the most appropriate manner. It is no wonder that our clients have expressed satisfaction in our basement renovation projects and the testimonials speak for themselves. As a basement renovations company, we have turned many basements into valuable and attractive living spaces without adding to the financial burden of our clients.

Most people think that the basement is not within the scope of the house and make little effort to turn them into reasonable areas of living space. Whether you want a separate unit for your guests or want to turn your basement into a specialized area, Dempster Quality Construction Inc is there to satisfy your needs. A value-added basement designed by us not only makes the area more attractive and functional but provides an opportunity for the homeowners to increase the value of their home. From flooring to walls, carpets and ceilings, we offer different ideas to change your basement into a valuable living space.